I’ve taken Pilates classes with Donna Resmini for over five years and have always found them to be challenging, but adaptable to individual strengths. The best feature of her classes is that they were never the same. She employs  a wide repertoire of classic core Pilates moves and varies them so that each class is different from the next. Her classes stay interesting and deliver good results. “

Joanne L.
Age 82
What has 5 years training with Donna and PILATES done for me? Saved my life, if I never met her, I would still be suffering from: Chronic back pain. I had two spinal fusions and I was hooked on Hydrocodone pills, which I was taking for 10 plus years. I will give you a little secret, if you are taking pain killers and have to continue because the doctors couldn’t make the pain go away you should do two things, one train with Donna and two train with Donna. I’m not trying to be funny, but I did hear a chuckle. The other thing besides having a stronger core is I felt taller, that’s wrong “I felt taller”, I was taller because Donna improved my posture and was able to show me how to move correctly while walking and if you walk correctly, the back pain will go away.
Melvin S.
Age 80

Donna is truly a very professional and expert Pilates instructor. The guidance she provides in each class is amazing whether it is one on one or in a group. Every move is demonstrated along with modifications so that each person can participate based on their ability. Each class is interesting, different and incorporates core strength, balance and more. Donna and Pilates has made a difference in my life

Nancy S.
Age 72
Every week I look forward to my private pilates session with Donna. Experienced and adaptable, she takes into account my former injuries and aging body. She keeps our sessions interesting and fun, with variations tailored to my needs. My core has strengthened significantly and I can now lift heavy bags of groceries with ease! If you want to get stronger and improve your stamina with a knowledgable, friendly pilates instructor who understands aging bodies, Donna is your ticket!
Julie F.
Age 67