Pilates Classes

Online Classes Available Soon!
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Online Class Offerings

The Pilates program will consist of a series of Mat content in the form of a virtual library.

The joy of movement in Pilates is such that you can do a workout based upon the focus of your time, day, or motivation.

If you are a beginner, the best way to come on board is to review the basics with Donna. The basics will teach you the movement and breath execution and most of all assist you in identifying the essence of the muscles being executed.

Pilates is for all bodies, but like any form of exercise it is best to check in with a doctor first to make sure that you are aware of your strengths and weakness. There are many modifications to all the moves and we hope to always have you see those modifications to suit your own body needs.

It’s important to know its all about the basics. Thru a healthy practice daily or two to three times a week you will see the benefits of Pilates and most of all see improvements in your posture, alignment and stability.

Remember, anything done right reaps many benefits and rewards. As you journey from basics to progressions to foundations you will feel energized and stronger, leaner every day.