Nutrition 101

We all benefit from learning better eating habits. Some of us have inflammation in our choice of diets or lack of a healthy eating program. To fuel efficiently its important to understand the relationship of what your body needs.

Over the years injuries have a way of raising their ugly heads back into our day to day lives. It’s important to address them and not hope they get better or just ignore them.

Daily stress, lack of restorative sleep, and weekend warrior activities can effect our bodies at any point in time. To have an effective work out program its important to understand the entire simplicity of how to start and execute a healthier lifestyle. Starting from nutrition and what we put into our bodies to sustain energy, stamina, and find happiness in our daily life starts with fueling our bodies.

We will be working with various consultants to help us achieve sound nutritional knowledge and practice. Workshops and training sessions will be geared towards a monthly topic and how to start the program.