Episode 13: Inflammation and Nutrition with Inessa Makdulina

In this episode, I talk to Inessa Makdulina. She’s a registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She has been in the field of counseling for 20 years, working as a peer counselor in a local community-based program in New York.

We dig into living a healthy lifestyle, understanding inflammation, bodywork, proper ways of breathing, and more interesting topic about nutrition and health.


Show Notes:

(00:45): Living a healthy lifestyle (05:47): Inflammation: Definition, causes, and treatment(14:23): Setting realistic health goals(19:48): Rest, digest, and reproduce(23:21): What is bodywork? (33:40): Creating plans to achieve your goals (37:45): Sighing to relieve stress(38:30): The proper way of breathing

How to connect with Inessa:

Website: https://www.dietitianforall.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dietitianforall/



“Rest, digest, and reproduce out of fight or flight, that’s the key to what we’re doing.” – Inessa

“Get outside, take your shoes off, put your feet in the grass, take a few deep breaths, and just take off your glasses don’t wear contacts and let the light actually hit your retina.” – Inessa

“You spent a good amount of your life working on yourself and the self-discovery process.” – Inessa

“Inflammation isn’t all bad, it’s uncontrolled inflammation, that is really a problem.” – Inessa

“Inflammation is actually our own body’s response to either bacteria, virus, fungi, chemicals, heavy metals, or our own metabolic waste that is not being purged.” – Inessa

“Medications treat symptoms. supplements can also be used to treat symptoms.” – Inessa

“You need me to hear you see you understand you and then create a plan for you. That is going to work and if it’s not working, we see each other again and keep creating that plan.” – Inessa

“Food is amazing. It’s 80%. And movement is amazing. It’s 20%.” – Inessa

“There’s so much to make people feel better.” – Inessa

“People are so stressed, it’s probably contributing a lot to our health, and our well-being. -Donna

“I see people every single day, you see people every day, everybody wants to have a perfect vision of what they need to be.” – Donna

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