Episode 12: Predator or Protector with Joel Clemons

In this episode, I talk to Joel Clemons. He is a Relationship & Communication counselor.
We unpack the differences between how men and women handle relationships, how to determine the red flags and green flags to find your perfect partner and so many more interesting topics about relationships.

Show Notes:
(01:47): How does Gentleman Wolf start? (07:05): Men vs. women: Handling relationships(11:29): Receiving affection as your reward (19:33): Five (5) C’s in a relationship (26:33): Red flags vs. green flags: How to find your perfect match(35:28): How to determine if he’s a predator or protector(42:05): Why do people do, what they do”?



“To implement new and lasting changes, it could take years for a person to change their program beliefs, and create healthy habits, and that replace bad habits.” – Joel
“In a relationship, we’re not going to be good at it, if we don’t train for it.” – Joel
o for people to be effective and successful, they have to know how to communicate, and they also have to know how to negotiate.
“Don’t trust a person with your heart, any more than you would with your finances.” – Joel
“My heart is one of my biggest assets.” – Donna
“I know trust needs to be earned.” – Donna

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