Episode 11: Sum of Equal Parts

Show Notes:

(01:09): Getting to know a person(05:08): Due diligence(06:26): Embracing change (08:02): Meeting your expectations(09:40): Teach people how to treat you(11:22): Experiences into the dating world (14:30): Why do you want to date someone?


“I love change. I embrace change.” – Donna

“We always have to be in a teaching mode.” – Donna

“I’m still learning, I’m still learning how to navigate a world of dating.” – Donna

“I can do this. I can be whoever I want. Because I know how to get from point A to point B.” – Donna

“You have to learn to be in the moment.” – Donna

“You have to be able to accept and understand who you are.” – Donna

“You have to Expand your horizon so that you know what you want.” – Donna

“I have to tap into what part of me needs to be heard or seen or even understood.” – Donna

“I am a sum of equal parts and equal parts of me are there for various reasons at various times.” – Donna

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