Dating & Relationships

Over the past two years many of us have been limited to a work from home setting.
The ability to go out or meet up with friends has been hampered and our socialization skills have taken somewhat of a hit.

Dating has been difficult and online sites now speak to being 100% vaccinated and boosted as a part of peoples profile descriptions.

Whether you are a user of social online dating or meet up sites its important to learn how to navigate the world of dating in a safe manner.

Many women/men are entering a new world of dating after being married, divorced, or widowed. Serial daters, or long term relationship daters are made more difficult by what the world around us is doing.

This platform will speak to ways to navigate dating. Old fashion ways such as in person meetings, or on line dating practices come with both pluses and minuses. We all need to make sure we are meeting people to enhance our healthy lifestyle. Work, life, balance is something we all search for in our lives.

This platform will help to bring you a collaborative group of individuals to discuss relationships, therapy, and learning how to recognize personality styles and disorders. We will be working with relationship coaches for both men and women and hope to educate, motivate, and learn how to unhealthy relationships.

We hope to also include workshops with individuals who work in the area of divorce law to assist women/men how to protect their hearts, and finances. No divorce is ever easy and surviving hurt, pain, and deception is not easy in any relationship. The way out of the dark is to find the light.