About Donna Resmini & DREAM

The start of DREAMS began about a year ago with a vision on bringing forward a platform built on the practice of pilates and functional movement. As I started thinking about helping people be the best version of themselves I started to reflect what were the secrets to a happy life. Exercising and nutrition were definitely part of the equation but what about relationships and dating in a world where online dating is the tool to meet people looking for Love.

My journey has always been about building foundations. I love bricks and mortar and I really like seeing the efforts of constructing a better version of myself. I have been working in the health and wellness industry now for 25 years. I am passionate about finding a way to help people reach their fitness goals and live a longer healthier positive life. I was a banker for over 30 years in my prior career. This job gave me the ability to help people reach financial success and secure a future for retirement. The navigation of these skills varied over the years as we witness economic turbulence in 1991, and 2008, and then in 2019 till today due to COVID.

Donna Resmini

The path from dreams to success does exist.

May you have the vision to find it, the courage to get on to it, and the perseverance to follow it.”

Kalpana Chawla

First Female Indian-American Astronaut

My core existence (no pun intended) was driven by an injury I experienced back in 1997. I had been in the field of banking at that time for dozens of years and had an incredibly successful career. I was a pioneer in ways as a female entering a predominant male industry of three piece suits and where most women held positions in administration or clerical support. I have never been anyone who is defined by some others decisions as to what I should do with my life so off I went to prove I could be anything I wanted in a world full of men.

I have been a giver, a nurturer, an advisor, a coach, and a friend and mentor to many females and males over the last 30 years. I have been the wind under their wings and sometimes the strength in their journey. I remember once long ago I had an astrological chart done on my prior life. I was not surprised to learn I lived in Atlantis, worked as a tax collector, helped coach and train people and most of all I was someone who helped people. That certainly was who I was in my current life. No surprises there.

If theres one thing I have always know about myself its that you can walk thru life or have life walk thru you. I have followed that train of thoughts for so long I use it a lot to let people I come in contact with understand my reinvention of me is always evolving. Here, I am again at the next chapter of my life, doing what I love best, on the water in CT (not Atlantis) but still collecting people to train, coach and make them the best version of themselves in a world of movement and change. I hope you enjoy our journey together. It’s a beautiful world out there for us to share.